You were very patient with me from our initial contact. Regarding my actual experience looking at properties, I was very pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable and stress free the entire weekend went. Here I was staying in Waikiki wanting to relax but planning on not being relaxed when in fact, the entire experience was very pleasant. I was able to sleep well at night, get a workout in during the mornings, view properties in the afternoons, have nice dinner at night all the while accomplishing what I set out to do. It was very helpful that you arranged mortgage contacts for me prior to my visit. I was able to get some pre-qual work done before the trip and then arrange face-to-face meetings on Monday after deciding which property to make an offer. Overall I was able to accomplish everything I needed to do in a very short amount of time due to the pre-planning you recommended.


Your military background was an asset, which made you reliable and committed to mission accomplishment. You also were attentive and listened to the customer. You were systematic and kept track of each phase of both the construction and purchase/closing processes. All went well because you stayed on point with each step in the process. Best realtor that I have used in the last 25-30 years! Don’t change!
Paul & Yong


When trying to explain why Mike Zimmerman’s service is exceptional, it is easy to mention his timely responsiveness, expert understanding of his field or his personable nature. From his willingness and patience to accommodate the tight availability of our work schedules to his advice on how to negotiate for a home with multiple offers (we ultimately ended up as the buyers with Mike’s help), he is all of these and I can find many more examples from just my single transaction with him.However, what stands out in my mind is that conversation I had with Mike prior to putting in our first offer. We didn’t just discuss the typical real estate topics, but also the anxiety and apprehension I felt of choosing the right home. As he would listen earnestly and with genuine empathy, he would provide answers and feedback that showed he understood how to help me buy a “home”, in the entire sense of the word. Though only being a half hour out of the months my wife and I spent working with Mike, this conversation was by far the most memorable, had the most impact on our decisions and is the experience I will share as I recommend him to my family and friends.As a true doctor understands not just medicine but his patients as well, Mike is able and happily willing to provide a service beyond just his technical understanding of real estate. I have no doubt Mike Zimmerman is truly an exceptional professional in his field.
Justin & Melissa


I felt that I could trust you because you were a good listener and came across as an intelligent person. Even though I was away, you did extremely well at keeping me informed. You exceeded my expectations and made an elaborate process appear fairly simple. Very smooth transaction and much less stressful than I was anticipating. Your service was spot on!


I felt guided steadily along the way, secure at all times during my very first real estate sale.


We wanted to work with a seasoned professional who has specialized experience in the Honolulu condo market. You are an excellent communicator and called or emailed with every new event and kept in touch during periods of no activity. Your follow-through is a real strength. You did exactly what you said you would do, every time, without exception. You met all of our expectations and exceeded most of them. We really appreciate your personal commitment to excellence in every aspect of your work. Working with you was like working with a trusted friend. You are honest, caring, extremely hard working and always considered our best interests above all else. You did a masterful job of orchestrating all tasks on the escrow timeline and coordinating work involving the buyers’ agent and escrow officer. You are truly among the very best!
Bob & Lyn


You went out of your way to try to understand me and to really respond to my questions. Based on the relationship we slowly built up, I knew I could trust you. The very fact that I didn’t have to think about “expectations” after a while means a lot, I believe. In your case, I just assumed everything would be handled smoothly and professionally. You are well-organized, dependable, and professional. I couldn’t ask for more.
Mark & Mickey


My first impressions were that I was dealing with a professional who had a vast knowledge of the market and local area. You definitely exceeded my expectations. I found you extremely flexible and innovative in your approach to meet my unique needs as an off-island buyer. Your hands-on, personal approach meant sincerity and dedication. I felt that you worked very well at easing my stress throughout the transaction. You definitely were quick to inform me about issues, but you also offered solutions. Knowing what to do about the issues was very important information that you provided.
Chris & Carrie


This was my first time buying a home and you really set my fears of working with an incompetent Realtor free. I think you spoiled me. I haven’t met anyone who followed up so fast and kept every word and promise as you did. You were always on top of it and kept me in check with all deadlines.


Excellent follow-up, in spite of an uncooperative seller and less than excellent seller’s agent. Very personable, easy to work with, very competent and excellent communication.


I like that you market all properties like they are multi-million dollar properties. That is what sets you apart. Your follow-up was exceptional. I do not ever remember having to call you to remind you of something that needed to be done. You were very honest and very open with me on all matters, large or small. I liked your cordial, businesslike manner. This made it easy for me to make good decisions since you always provided me with pertinent information.


Good job! Without you keeping persistent, we never would have got the house. You are a great Realtor that we would recommend to anyone. Thanks for your help and clear communication throughout the process.
Jason & Amy


We were extremely pleased with your service. Living in Europe and never seeing the condo could have been very stressful and ominous. With your help, you made this experience a positive one and gave us the confidence we were doing the right thing. The condo exceeded our expectations and we are completely thrilled with the choice we made. Thanks for taking great care of us and going the extra mile!
Brad & Anne